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Top 10 list of SMS etiquetteText messaging is one of the simplest and most useful means of mobile communication. No one can doubt the popularity of text messaging and short messaging service (SMS) in particular - more than 50 billion SMS messages were sent across the world's GSM networks in the first quarter of 2001, a fivefold increase over the previous year - and there's no slowdown in sight.
ESPOO, Finland, June 29 -- A text messaging (and mobile phone use in general) grows in popularity, excitement over using new technology clashes head-on with common courtesy, not surprisingly giving rise to a mobile-phone manners backlash. So to help you avoid SMS miscues and text-message missteps, composed a top 10 list of texting guidelines.
Common courtesy still rules. Contrary to popular belief, composing an SMS while you're in a face-to-face conversation with someone is just about as rude as taking a voice call.
Remember that SMS is informal. SMS shouldn't be used for formal invitations or to dump your girlfriend or boyfriend. The casualness of SMS diminishes the strength and meaning of the message.
Don't get upset if you don't get a reply. Before you text someone and get frustrated at the lack of a response, be sure that they're familiar with how to use the service, and that their carrier will accept messages from yours.
Be aware of your tone. It is extremely difficult to discern tone in text messages, just as in e-mail. What seems to you to be a completely innocuous message may be grossly misinterpreted by the recipient, causing certain discomfort if not irreparable harm.
Don't SMS while you're driving. Talking on the phone is bad enough. You won't know what hit you - or what you hit - if you are pounding out a message on your keyboard.
Leave the slang to the kids. Don't expect your stodgy superiors at work to be hip to the lingo of the SMS streets. And don't expect to win points with your kids by trying to be cool, either.
Remember that SMS can be traced. Anonymous messages - if you must send them -are still best sent from Web sites.
Be conscientious of others' schedules. Don't assume that because you are awake, working, not busy, or sober that the person you're texting is as well. Many a pleasant slumber have been interrupted by recurring "beep-beep...beep-beeps" of messages.
If it's immediate, make a voice call. If you can't get through and your text message is ignored, there's probably a good reason. There are still some times when people don't even have a thumb free to respond.
Remember that your phone does have an off button. There are very, very few things in the world that absolutely cannot wait.

How to Use Proper Text Message Etiquette
By Kelly185
The text message is a widely popular communications method of our generation. Anyone with a cell phone can participate in text messaging and many mobile carriers include texts in their wireless plans. Not only are texts convenient, they are downright fun! However, to avoid annoying friends, coworkers, or family members, it's wise to heed proper text messaging etiquette.

Step1One of the most important rules in text messaging etiquette is keeping your phone on vibrate when at work or in a quiet public place such as a movie theater. Nothing is more annoying than the perpetual texter who doesn't silence there phone. No one wants to hear your text beep every five minutes.
Step2Text messaging can be a great means to keep in touch with importants in your life while at work or school, but keep it to a minimum. Your boss, professor, or teacher don't appreciate you punching out digital messages when you have other duties to fulfill.
Step3Keep them short and sweet. If you need to write someone an in-depth message, send an email. Otherwise, give them a ring or see them in person. Long texts can be confusing or tough to respond to.
Step4Text messages can be a viable means of communication. If you know a friend is at work or in a meeting, being courteous and sending a text such as "Can you call me when you get the chance?" is a great alternative to calling their phone directly.
Step5Use fun graphics, but don't be a "smiley freak." There is nothing quite like getting a wink or kiss from a partner or spouse via text message, as this encourages flirtation and fun. But, reserve smiley's for a few text messages to keep your messages special.
Step6Consider your wireless plan costs. If upgrading to a different mobile plan includes unlimited texts and you're an avid textaholic, this may be worth the extra cost.
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Tips & Warnings
Don't text someone in the middle of the night, unless you know them well. A text can ring just as loudly as calling the person.
Never send chain texts. Just like forwarded emails and chain letters annoy email recipients, chain texts do the same.

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