Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Appropriate Business Clothing

Finding The Appropriate Business Clothing The solution? KISS-Keep It Simple and Sophisticated. You want your confidence to come from your professionals abilities, but still your clothes are important. If you dress with your next position in mind you're more likely to get there. Memorize these colors: NavyCharcoal GrayBlackKhakiWhiteThese are the staple colors of every business wardrobe. Here are some guidelines for both men and women to keep in mind:In the suit world start with the basics: A navy blue wool suit and a charcoal wool suit, white shirts, black shoes, black belt, and black leather briefcase/notebook computer case. in the casual world, start with the basics: Khaki pants or skirts, white shirts, black or brown shoes and belt, and a black or brown leather and ballistic nylon briefcase/notebook computer case. Add your own touches in keeping with your company's style.

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