Thursday, September 4, 2008

Casual Wear for Men
Remember that business casual and Friday casual are distinct things. Business casual generally means khaki pants, a plain polo shirt or a long-sleeved button down shirt, a V-neck sweater, sometimes a sports coat or blazer and brown leather shoes. Don't forget these general guidelines:1. A short sleeve shirt is, by definition, always a casual shirt. 2. Khaki and flannel pants are casual for most businesses.3. Tank tops, shorts, and sandals are weekend wear.4. Advertising, artists, and fashion types can wear leather jackets.5. Plain shirts are best, in general; shirts with adds on them are for fishing.6. Button-down Oxford shirts are casual; T-shirts are for musicians, computer types, and mowing the lawn.7. Loafers and dark walking shoes are casual.8. Blazers and sports coats are casual for some businesses, dressy for others. The fabric should never shine or change colors in a different lighting.

Formal Business Wear for Men
Suits When choosing a suit, look first for fabric, fit, and comfort; look second for style.Your fabric should never shine or change colors in different lighting. Fabrics that are appropriate include wool, cotton, linen and various microfibers. Wool is the most versatile of the three coming in both summer or tropic weight and in a variety of fabric styles. Linen suits are popular specially during extreme heat and high humidity but it wrinkles immediately. You can choose from these basic styles (and their multiple variations): American cut: These suits can have either two or three buttons and have center-vented jackets and natural shoulders and pants with a straight line. Italian cut: These suits have unvested jackets with padded shoulders and pants that are fuller than American suits. British cut: These suits have side-vented or unvested jackets with a square shoulder, tapered waist, and pants that are narrower than both American cut and Italian cut suits.

Shoes and Accessories
Shoes Coordinate your shoe color with your suit color. Black shoes go nicely with charcoal and black or navy suits. Brown shoes match with brown and tan suits. Keep them well-shined and keep a Sharpie with you to touch up scuffed shoes. In some locations-from Texas to Nevada and north to Montana-dress cowboy boots are acceptable with suits, as long as you are a rancher, a politician or in the oil business. But be careful-most of the time cowboy boots just make you look silly. Running shoes, hiking boots, or sandals with a suit are unacceptable. Ties Follow these simple rules with ties: 1. Ties should be silk. 2. Ties should be understated. 3. Ties should be coordinated with the suit and shirt. 4. Ties should end at the top of your belt.

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